Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey ya all,

            A few days ago I watched a movie called the September issue. Its about fashion of cores. It’s a documentary lots of people think documentaries are boring, but this one is not. This is the cover of it. (people say don’t judge a book by its over.  But I do)   
tootles Lili


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hey all,

                I would like to ask you to please watch this Bill Cumingham. It’s about this man who gets out in there streets of NYC and takes pictures of different outfits. Here are some pictures of him taking pictures this man is the happiest man. He basically sleeps in a closet. It’s a funny movie, by the end you feel like you know him. And he finds trends and rights a bit.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Friday, June 15, 2012

So this is kind of a weird post but, as you probably know I want to be a designer so, I want to travel to see the deferent places and kinds of fashion stiles. I and my bffl lily Ann and I would like to go to milan. And open a bakery while, I am there I will design. Milan is the first fashion capital in the world. The people there dress beatify . They always have fashion shows going on there. It’s not like just movie stars are fashion forward everybody is there. If only I lived there. Over to the right is ta dress on the runway at spring fashion week 2012.

The second fashion capital is Tokyo. They have a different way than we do the s is more blacks whites and greys,
To the left is a young girl who was walking in the heart of Tokyo.
The next picture is Tokyo fashion show.

The next is Paris they are not as risky they are more Burberry. P.S i <3 Burberry

The next place is home sweet home NYC. There’s a lot of fashion there. Some parts are not to F.F. NWC is much like are fashion.

I know fashion is not everything but it is a lot, especially to me. Fashion is a way to express yourself shows the world that you’re not scared to shave half your head or even were a bun on the top of our head. If fashion was not there, it would be hard for me even though, I have not produced much I have drawn painted and colored more than most have. Some of my designs are the ugly things, but some are quite elegant. I probably started when I was in secant grade. I have made some things but seriously they do not look good. When I was my hair on the top of my head I get made fun of at but I do not care a smudge.

One of my all-time favorite designers is Mondo. He wan project runway all stars and he got to the finals on project runway. He is all about color and shape.

Another one of my favorite designers is Derek Lam. he is all about the shape and he is into cream and browns mostly neutral